Get Ready to Bike Like a Champion

Congratulations! You got back on the bike. Perhaps you took your bike out of storage to lose weight. Maybe you decided to try biking for your daily commute. Now, you're even interested in biking competitively. Regardless of your particular reason for getting back on the bike, you can become a better biker, and we can help!

  • Training for All Levels

    The staff at our store is proud to offer professional biking lessons for every level of biker. We are prepared to help someone who just purchased their first bike master the intricacies of shifting gears to effectively tackle those big hills. We are also prepared to help seasoned bikers shave those precious seconds off their miles with the latest racing techniques. Come as you are to our training, and we can help guide you to the next level of biking.

  • A Rigorous Schedule

    Our training takes place five days a week. Once you sign up, you will be on a committed path to success. The lessons of our biking staff will consist of various workouts to get you prepared for bike races, triathlons, and more. Our lessons are more than pleasant training rides. You will be expected to work hard, and you will be able to expect results!

  • Qualified Coaches

    Our coaches take pride in being able to practice what they teach. Many of our coaches have participated in and won high profile bike races. They know the ins and outs of the bike racing industry. With their guidance, you will be able to achieve your bike racing goals on a schedule.

  • Corporate Training

    Own a company? Purchase Lessons for the entire team. Biking is a great team bonding experience, and is also a way to keep the whole company active. We’ve got many corporate customers who are loving our training!

If you are committed to taking your biking to the next level, allow our staff to come along for the ride. Our training classes are fast, friendly, and fantastic at bringing the best biking habits out of clients.